Watercolour Landscape paintings


Abstract Forest, Watercolour and Ink, Emily Boylan, 2017

Watercolours have subtle qualities that really lend themselves to portraying landscapes. I have a lot of admiration for traditional watercolour artists like Turner, as well as the way that watercolours are used in Chinese Watercolour painting. During one of my first trips to New York I bought watercolour paints and brushesfrom a Chinatown Art shop. I like the way the solid ink is used in Chinese calligraphy too, in that it is ground by stone- there is a meditative quality to the practice that appeals to me. We have a place called the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, near Dublin Castle, which frequently exhibits Asian art. On one visit there I read about the style of Chinese painting wherein every physical form in a landscape (a tree, a mountain, a blossom) has a particular 'right way' to be painted. In one way, this sounds limiting, but there is something about the coded, ordered way that work might be created in that style of painting that appeals to me.


Black Mountains, Ink and Watercolour, Emily Boylan, 2017

In 'Black Mountains', above, you can see a little of the minimalist asian inlfluence I like to work with sometimes in landscape painting. In these sorts of works I am also developing my own ordered language, so there is an aspect of the modern as well as the influence of other cultures and histories.