Paintings on Canvas


Paris by the Seine, Acrylic on Canvas, Emily Boylan, 2017

The paintings that I create on canvas have a style that can be quite different to my ink works. For me, canvases create a different sort of space, which includes their edges, and areas of colour become more defined, brush strokes are controlled in a different way to working in watercolour- in an acrylic painting you are much more in control. I've been a little limited in the past, in terms of the size of my studio as to the amount of large paintings on canvas I can create. I am therefore very excited to be moving to a larger studio later this year, as it means that I will be able to paint more large scale works (probably also in watercolour and ink on paper too), which is something I look forward to greatly.


Lighthouse at sunset, Acrylic on Canvas, Emily Boylan