Custom Art

I make a variety of custom art pieces for different clients. For an idea of the styles of my work, check out the rest of this site, and also my shop- I do a range including abstract, figurative, realistic and imaginative. If you have a project in mind, it helps if you describe to me a work I've done that has a style like the one you are aiming for.


Robins, Watercolour and Ink, Emily Boylan, 2016

In the image above, you can see an example of a work that can make a lovely wedding gift- the bird species could be personalised, and text can also be added- but this is just one idea. Please contact me with details of your request in terms of size, detailing and text, for an accurate quote.

Another version of a custom wedding bird painting is seem below- 'Love Birds'- this painting has been sold, but I can create it in any colour and size of your choice, and no two will be the same.


Love Birds, Ink Painting, Emily Boylan, 2017


Beacon, New York, Painting on Canvas, Emily Boylan, 2015

'Beacon, New York', is an example of a landscape style in which I can make a custom piece on canvas. I especially love to work in Autumn or Winter colours, and snow is something I take joy in depicting. If you have a special place you would like turned into a canvas, please get in touch and provide an image of the place and the season/ time of day you'd like it depicted in. My style is not photo-real, it is a little bit more simplified and imaginative, so if you like what you see here, I would hope I could work with you on a special piece.

Elsewhere on the site you can see my ink paintings- people have asked for these with variations, e.g. mountains in a different colour, trees or leaves in different orders, colours and variations, and these sorts of projects are very achieveable.

Pricing of Custom Work

Pricing for custom work depends on the size and complexity of the work. To give you a rough idea, a piece like 'Beacon, New York', which is 16 inches by 12 inches on a deep edge canvas would cost about $175 as a custom order. The price includes an initial sketch and two sets of changes. A work on paper of a similar type to 'Robins' which is 8 by 10 inches would be priced at $75 inlcuding a custom/ personalisation fee, and an initial sketch as part of the process.

Once we have agreed on a price and timeframe, I will send you an invoice via paypal, or you can use my etsy shop to purchase, and then I will begin work.

For accurate pricing, please just get in touch with your idea, and I will be happy to offer a free, no-obilgation quote.